Our Impact

Our Impact

Our technology reduces the number of dumpsites in urban areas, therefore, reducing the amount of methane gas released into the atmosphere helping to achieve SDGs 11 and 13 in addition to SDGs 1 and 2. A reduction in the amount of methane gas will cause farmers to continue realizing normal rainfall patterns that will affect cultivation and harvest positively. Reduction in food waste and overall reduction of dumpsite has directly reduced emission of methane gas into the atmosphere by 1 tonne (www.clarity.io)

Ecorich Solutions has been able to distribute organic fertilizer to more than 4,000 small-scale farmers.

The result of our organic fertilizer impact among the small-scale farmers has seen increased yields by 25%.

Farmers have increased their yields by 30%

We have also recorded a 60% reduction in organic waste from households using our WasteBot devices, therefore, reducing the number of dumpsites into water sources and the spread of waterborne diseases by 20%.

Testimonials from our clients

After I started using EcoRich fertilizer, I have doubled my income from my crop harvest in 2022
John Kimwe
With this hiked prices of fertilizer, Ecorich fertilizer is very affordable, it saves me some coins.
Ruth Wangechi
I can see difference in my neighborhood, the dirty and smelly trenches are now clean and dry
Menelif Manae
Nairobi Resident
Since I started using the waste decomposer in my kitchen, the smell from food waste has been eliminated.
Caroline Hinah
Nairobi Resident

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